Saturday, March 8, 2008

Zoglos New York Deli Style Franks

Southern Ontario was hit with a huge snow storm today. It is expected to continue into tomorrow. I'm not sure what the accumulation is at this point; let's just say a lot of snow. As we have a snow blower, I didn't have to do much shoveling, with the exception of the front and back porch. Not that it did much good, as within a few hours the wind had drifted the snow right back and even higher! My little dog, was crying to go out (as she refuses to use the litter box!), but I could not get the back door open and the sliding glass doors were frozen. Trying the back screen door again, I put my hip to it and just pushed as hard as I could. I did manage to move some snow, but only after the aluminum screen door completely separated at the seams. Oh well - at least the dog got out for her pee!

So what do you do on a snowy day like this? I made a miso-based soup, some Brownies (which turned out a little spongy) and for dinner I made myself a Zoglos deli style frank. Rather than a bun, I wrapped it in a pita pocket with sauerkraut and horseradish mustard. It was really delicious. A very quick dinner.

The Brownies, as I mentioned, were a little spongy. But this could be the result of me leaving them in the oven just a little too long. (Got talking to my neighbour who was clearing my driveway and forgot about the time.) But hey, they are chocolaty. I'm going to sprinkle some icing sugar on them to pretty them up.

Enjoy the last big storm of the season!

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Anonymous said...

I like how you wrote about optimism after your comment "the last big storm of the season"!
I might be a pessimist, I remember some April storms...
At least, all that melting snow will water the roots of my trees!

Steve Maggio said...

These Zoglos Franks are so good. I haven't been able to find them for years now since the place I once bought them from stopped carrying them.

Have you tried any of their other products? I'm a bit curious as to how they rank considering these Franks, I feel as though, are the best tasting fake franks.

Compassionate Consumption said...

Hello Steve,
The grocery store that I frequent (Fortino's) does carry quite a few of the Zoglos items. I buy their Falafel's every few weeks - they are almost as light and fluffy as the real thing. The veggie cutlet products, I have also tried. They are OK, but I don't buy them often. The Franks were just a treat; I won't purchase them until I get another craving (probably in BBQ season, if we ever get there!). The other popular trade name is Yves however, they product is not quite as refined. The new PC (President's Choice) line of faux meats, especially the "beef strips" is excellent - very much as I remember meat (texture, appearance, taste). Now why do I still want to eat faux meats? there's a discussion; an issue I could delve into deeper.
Thanks again for visiting.