Monday, July 28, 2008

Safe, simple, effective cleaning products

Creamy Soft Scrub:

2 cups (500ml) baking soda
1/2 cup (125ml) liquid castile soap (made from vegetable oil not animal fat)
4 tsp (20ml) vegetable glycerin
5 drops antibacterial essential oil (lavender, tea tree, rosemary or any preferred)

Mix all ingredients; store in clean tub container (I used an empty margarine container).

All-Purpose Cleaner:

2 cups (500ml) white distilled vinegar
2 cups (500ml) water
20 to 30 drops or more of essential oil

Store in spray container.

I have tried both recipes now and can vouch for their effectiveness. As the picture indicates, I used Dr. Bronner's Lavender scented castile soap for the creamy scrub. In the all-purpose cleaner which works well as a glass cleaner too, I used eucalyptus essential oil.

Cleaning with wonderfully scented products in my opinion just makes the job all that more enjoyable!

Recipes from Women's Voices for the Earth website.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about these safe cleaning products! I've always bought the harsh cleaners, but it's great to know that there are safer and natural ways to clean the house. Vinegar works wonders because it's a natural disinfectant, so it can be used as a cleaner at all times!

By the way, I've posted a few comments on your blog before - we both share the same sentiments about Affinity Vegetarian Restaurant downtown. I just wanted to ask if you had heard anything about them shutting down? I have a friend who frequents the Tim Horton's across the street from there, and she told me that there was a sign up saying that the restaurant was being shut down. I was shocked and upset, but have not received further confirmation yet and haven't had the time to go down and take a look. Have you heard anything?

Compassionate Consumption said...

My gosh...I'm shocked...Affinity closing down? I was supposed to have lunch there today but had to cancel. I am going to drive by there tomorrow just to see for myself.
I have always heard that making a restaurant "fly" is a real challenge with not to much room for a decent profit margin. Very sad news if they have had to make this decision.

Anonymous said...

I'm as equally shocked as you are! I was away on vacation for about two and a half months, and I've been craving Affinity's delicious fare. I would be really upset to learn that they've shut down. I'm hoping it's some sort of mistake because it's one of my favourite restaurants. It seemed like they were doing pretty well there...
Anyway, please let us know if you find out anything about the status of the restaurant. The anxiety is really getting to me!