Sunday, May 25, 2008

Interview with Masako and Ky

Masako & Ky
Age: 66 and 71
Vegetarian / Raw (50% Raw)

Masako and Ky can often be found at Simply Zen helping their daughter, Honey, in whatever capacity is required - customer service or tending to the newest staff member, 6 month old Jordan!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Honey's father KY and Honey's little girl, Jordan. While her Mommy was busy helping out customers, Jordan perused the activity from the safety of her Grandpa's arms. Masako has mentioned that when she and Ky eventually relocate to the Hamilton area, she will prepare some authentic vegetarian food for me. (How fortunate for me, I must say. But, unbeknown to Masako, I intend to bring a notebook as I plan to glean some tips and recipes!!)

1. How many years have you practiced this way of eating?

Masako & Ky: 13 years

2. What motivated you to adopt this particular diet?

Masako & Ky: We are believers of the "Tao" philosophy (different from the Tao religion). The soul of an animal is just as important and equal to that of a human being and consuming animals would be contradictory to our belief. Eating mostly raw is very healthy, and with the gas/hydro prices going up, we are also saving money!!

3. What challenges do you face to maintain this food lifestyle?

Masako & Ky: We often do not dine out even though there are many vegetarian options now available because we do not eat garlic or onions. Otherwise it's easy for us to maintain this lifestyle.

4. If you could give tips or advice to someone new to this type of eating, what would it be?

Masako & Ky: If someone wants to adopt this particular type of eating and is having a hard time, we suggest eliminating the intake of animal products gradually.

5. What is your favourite meal quick meal to prepare?

Ky: Natto (fermented soybeans) and green salad.

Masako: I love all food, so it's hard for me to choose a favourite.

6. Have you noticed any changes in yourself since you began eating this way?

Ky: I have high blood pressure for a good number of years and it has gotten better. I have become a much more calmer person.

Masako: We both have more energy than we did before.

Links for "Natto" and "Tao" selected by me & not suggested by Masako & Ky.
Photo: 'Tao' by Andrew Illachinski.

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Shirley said...

Hi I'm curious to know if they mentioned why they don't eat onions or garlic.

Compassionate Consumption said...

I am not sure; I will ask them. However, I have a vegetarian book, much like a comic book, published in Taiwan I believe. It is a story board, taking you through the pros of eating vegetarian and the cons of eating meat. Anyway, long story short, in this book, they advised leaving off eating onions, garlic. Oh, yes, I also remember when in Viet Nam at the monastery, I was told that the monastics do not eat garlic or onions.
Once I check in with Masako and Ky, I will report back to you.
Kind regards,

Yujen said...

In Eastern religious/philosophical traditions, garlic and onions are considered stimulating foods, making it difficult to meditate.

Compassionate Consumption said...

Thank you Yujen for the explanation. This makes sense in the context you have stated (stimulating foods not very helpful when one's intention is to calm the mind!).
I tried to find that little "comic" book about going vegetarian and cannot see it on my book shelves! As well I have not had a chance to ask Masako and Ky since posting their interview.
Kind regards,