Saturday, May 17, 2008

Interview with Honey

Honey, pictured with her beautiful little girl, Jordan, is proprieter of
SIMPLY ZEN on Locke Street here in Hamilton. The small shop near Main Street is brimming with the most amazing selection of gifts, clothing (organic), fair trade, raw & vegan food, environmentally safe cleaning products, personal care, incense, candles, cushions.....I could go on. Tightly packed into a small space, Simply Zen is one of my favourite places to shop - for it's peaceful atmosphere, friendly, helpful staff and unique merchandise.

NAME: Honey
AGE: early 40's

How many years have you practiced this way of eating?

Honey: 27+ years, mostly RAW for 2+ years

Compassionate: What motivated you to adopt this particular diet?

Honey: The taste of non-veg items repulsed me - going raw seemed to be a natural diet to adopt after being Vegan for so long.

Compassionate: What challenges do you face to maintain this food lifestyle?

Honey: Eating out can be challenging, as well as dinner parties.

Compassionate: If you could give tips or advice to someone new to this type of eating, what would it be?

Honey: Always listen to your body and if you fall of the wagon, don't stress out about it.

Compassionate: What is your favourite food or meal?

Honey: Anything with Kale or (fresh) Coconut!

Compassionate: Have you noticed any changes in yourself since you began eating this way?

Honey: More energetic, feel much more connected to nature, and more sensitive to my environment.

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