Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January Slump....will not last forever.

Hopefully in a few days, weeks, I will have something worthwhile to say...but for now working on other projects, percolating ideas for 2009! Be back soon.

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Sister TQ said...

Is this the new yoga pose, "downward facing bear?"

Compassionate Consumption said...

Yes...and I should be practicing it. Who knew the body could get so stiff just a week after celebrating another birthday!! (I have yet to find the best before date on this body of mine, but it must be getting close!)

But aside from that, isn't he/she adorable? I love polar bears and I hope 'we' can keep them around for a few more years!!


Sister TQ said...

Well, such lessons. Impermanence; old age, etc. Happy continuation day.

I feel very sad about the bears' plight. S/he is wonderful. You could try to cuddle her/him, just like the man in China a few days ago, who jumped into a panda enclosure to cuddle the bear, and is now in hospital. I think there was alcohol involved ... not sure if it was him or the panda.

seriously amused said...

I love the photo. It does have a yoga feel to it.


Compassionate Consumption said...

You are right Su co - I would love to cuddle the bear. Fortunately for me there aren't any polar bears in close proximity - and of course, I would not be that foolish.

But that doesn't stop me from hugging my little fanged friend, Coco the ferret. She tolerates my mauling her fairly well!! (That's as close to the wild as I dare get!!)