Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Calorie restriction but not the way we want......

From yesterday's Spectator, column by Gwynne Dyer's "It's almost too late to stop warming"...

  • past predictions by environmental scientists are proving to be inaccurate; based on observations during the last 2 years, climate changes are happening faster;
  • various military groups around the globe are now working on "climate change scenarios" and the effect it will have;
  • food will be the key issue; a 1 degree Celsius rise in average temperature around the world will have a profound effect on food producing, specifically in the countries closer to the equator ("includes almost all of the planet's bread baskets");
  • countries will not be able to feed their people and will not be able to buy the grains elsewhere because the world grain reserve will be empty (to date "we" have eaten 2/3 of the reserve already, leaving only 50 day's worth according to Gwynne);
  • "Starving refugees will flood across borders, whole nations will collapse into anarchy - and some countries may make a grab for their neighbours' land or water." (This is what is on the military back benches and tables - planning for this total melt-down.)

It is a pretty grim picture that Gwynne paints. It goes much further even suggesting that we are so far gone now, that emissions cutting might be to late. There are various geo-engineering band-aids in the works that may afford us additional time to cut our emissions.

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Anonymous said...

This is not news. This scenerio was foretold in 1969, a time when the world was told to turn back then, or it would be too late. It seems that 1969/70 was the too-late-to-turn-back time. The USA has had a plan for thirty years on "invading" Canada to get its water. All of this could have been stopped if the governments around the world hadn't bought into the greed of industry.

Compassionate Consumption said...

Thank you for your feedback!