Sunday, February 10, 2008

In-store dietitian, Veggie Table & Affinity Buffet

FYI: In-store dietitian service available at Main Street West (Hamilton) Drugstore (inside the Fortinos). Call 1-877-637-8589 for register for a one hour free consultation.
(I have been told that the RD is knowledgeable in specific requirements for vegans and vegetarians.)

Omni Television runs a vegetarian cooking show on Sundays at 4:30 called VEGGIE TABLE. The recipe for the "jambalaya" pictured in the side bar was taken from this show (slightly altered from their version). Good show - very realistic. This afternoon, the chef accidentally dumped in too much pepper because the lid on the shaker was loose. Oops....she quickly laughed it off and scooped / scraped out the pile. Any producer who would leave that blooper in really understands kitchen dynamics!

REVIEW OF NEW BUFFET @ Affinity Vegetarian Restaurant
(John Street, Hamilton)
D E L I C I O U S ! ! !
Visited Affinity on Friday for lunch with my son. The owners have put together a small but ample selection of their wonderful dishes plus two large urns of soup. Unfortunately, we missed the soup and started at the buffet table. Once we ate the various samples of the varied dishes we went back to have just a bit more of what we particularly loved. (Hence no room for soup!). My favourites were the battered eggplant which was browned in a thick savoury sauce, and a seitan, carrot & white radish stew. We rounded out our lunch with a pot of Roiboos tea in the most charming small tea cups with saucers. Service as usual was friendly - I love this place! Buffet is $8.99 per person and pot of tea was $5.99.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this review! As I mentioned before, I've been meaning to go to Affinity to try out the buffet but my busy student schedule keeps preventing me from doing so. Perhaps sometime before exams just to relax. I'm glad to hear the fare at the buffet was enjoyable (although not a surprise - I love their food, too)! Just curious: did they have the kung-pao soy chicken in the buffet? That's my favourite dish there. And the price sounds pretty reasonable, too. Thanks again for this post!

Compassionate Consumption said...

I can't remember now if they did have the Kung Pao soy-chicken. I agree with you; it is delicious and I'm sure a favourite with many customers.
Good luck with your exam - maybe you can celebrate the successful culmination of your school year with a dinner at Affinity!

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasad,

I went to try out Affinity's lunch buffet today, and agree it was very delicious. Unfortunately they did not have the kung pao soy chicken, but I was happy to discover they had my other fave dish: the enoki mushroom, which are absolutely scrumptious. It was quite a small buffet but everything I tried was delicious.
For dessert, I ordered hazelnut soy ice-cream (a perfect end to a wonderful lunch), and my friend had the pistachio flavour (which she said tasted great). Although the soy ice-cream was on the pricy side (2 scoops for $5.00), they were well worth the money.
I will definitely visit here again when I have time. I had 2 platefuls of food and felt well-sated afterwards, and it was a great price at $8.99.

Compassionate Consumption said...

Hi there,
I'm happy you made it in. While I was reading your comment and got to the part where you say you were very satisfied (happy tummy) and thought the price was right, it reminded me of a pet peeve. No no...nothing you said LOL.
The big box restaurant buffets, in general, are so huge with so much to choose from, that one person could not possibly try all the dishes. But in an effort to get our money's worth (typically $20.00/person) and because our eyes are usually bigger than our stomachs, try we do. I really think these establishments encourage unhealthy gorging.
Affinity's buffet though is modestly priced (fairly priced) and you eat to a comfortable level (even if you indulge just a little). Thanks for visiting again.
Best wishes to you.