Sunday, April 1, 2007

We all contradict ourselves at one time or another.

Have you ever had the experience, where someones words, it could be in the most common-place conversations, stick in your mind? Recently, on a couple of occasions a dear person's words really made me think. To paraphrase, the comment that struck was 'we all contradict ourselves'. After rolling this statement around in my own head for a while, I had to flat out agree with the truth of this - and that in fact, I do contradict myself at times. It could be a public statement or stance I have taken or just a pledge to myself. With regards to veganism, I have at times stated that I try to follow a vegan diet but then I have also labeled myself "a vegan". Two totally different statements with different implications. The reality is I cannot call myself a vegan for several reasons: the lifestyle (adhering to animal free consumerism, be it clothing, product), the times when I do eat a dish in which cheese or eggs are present. However, I can comfortably say that I aspire to eating a vegan diet, especially when in my own kitchen making dishes that are dairy and egg free.
Tonight, I prepared a vegan quiche, a lovely spinach salad, boiled potatoes and two breaded pork chops. As of late, I have asked my husband or son to prepare the meat, but tonight, my husband was busy and I took it upon myself. As I unwrapped the butcher paper and looked at these thick cuts that my husband enjoys, I thought of the suffering of the pig. I thought of the end of it's suffering. I touched the pork chop and thought of this piece of muscle as part of the pig. Compassion and suffering and accepting it all here in my kitchen.
I think in the future, I will try to be quieter rather than jumping at opportunities to talk about veganism. Maybe, with this quiet fortitude and an openness (not attaching to any desired outcome), I can show by example the ability to live a less cruelty-inflicting life.

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