Monday, January 8, 2007

Some wise words to consider when you sit down to your next plate of food...

John Daido Loori's quote is poignant to compassionate consumption. He
is talking about the Five Contemplations that are said before every meal
in a monastic setting. First we contemplate whether, due to our
conduct, we are deserving of the food. Secondly, we become aware of the
suffering and hard work that has gone into the food we eat; the
suffering of the animal, human, and the plant. Third, we eat only those
foods which contribute to good health; food is medicine. Fourth, do we
pile the food on the plate as an act of greed, or do we put too much
food on our plate and not eat it all so that it is wasted? We take only
enough food. Fifth, we recognize that this food is nourishing us so
that we can cultivate and walk on the Dharma Path, in order to help all
sentient beings.

So, through these contemplations we see that the bean sitting on our
plate truly is a miracle.

Thich nu Tinh Quang

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